[SOLVED] Effective Learning Environments

Effective Learning Environments Your assignment: Read Chapter 11, pgs. 270 – 295 (be sure to pay close attention to the sections on “What is the Impact of Time on Learning?”, “What Practices Contribute to Effective Classroom Management?”, “What Are Some Strategies for Managing Routine Misbeavhior?”, and “How is Applied Behavior Analysis Used to Manage More Serious Behavior Problems?”) and view the video “Classroom Teacher Video” attached here and under Content.  Using this information, compose a letter to the teacher in the video. Arundel Middle School Teacher Video: Letter Assignment An effective learning environment is one in which teachers and students can use time effectively to create an atmosphere of learning that ensures all students are engaged and productive.  This focus on classroom management is essential to establishing a healthy classroom dedicated to student learning.  As with most aspects of education, a variety of techniques and strategies exist which teachers may utilize to manage student discipline and foster academic growth.   The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the concepts related to effective classroom management strategies through the analysis of an ineffective classroom management experience.  The audience of this assignment is Ms. X, a middle school teacher.              In this assignment, you are a principal or other administrator. In a minimum two page letter, address the actions of Ms. X as evidenced in the video (see attached video) and provide constructive criticism. 1. In the first half of the letter, chronologically analyze the inappropriate actions and behaviors of Ms. X and the students in her class.  What is Miss X’s behavior throughout the video and WHY is it wrong for her to behave this way with her students?  What is wrong with Ms. X’s reaction to her students’ behavior?   2. In the second half of the letter, identify and recommend techniques and strategies from your text that would prevent a situation such as this from occurring again.  In your response, be sure to include effective classroom management strategies regarding the use of time, principles of least intervention, and applied behavior analysis, among others!    Format – Letter must use 11 or 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.  Use standard business letter formatting.  Once again, cite references to the text and video in APA format using in-text citations and in the References section at end.  See attached rubric for writing guidelines.  When citing video in text and in references, use the title “Teacher Video” and the current date.

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[SOLVED] Effective Learning Environments
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