[SOLVED] In Praise of Chain Stores

Read the essay below https://vpostrel.com/articles/in-praise-of-chain-stores And answer to these following questions in one paragraph: 1. “”Yet it still refutes the common assertion that national chains are a blight on the landscape, that they’ve turned American towns into an indistinguishable “geography of nowhere.”” What do you understand by the phrase “geography of nowhere?” 2. “Stores don’t give places their character. Terrain and weather and culture do.” Keep your area in mind, and explain if this claim is logical or not. 3. “chains make it easier to discern the real differences that define a place.” What is the significance of this sentence? 4. “For them, this isn’t tourism; it’s life—the experiences that create the memories from which the meaning of a place arises over time.” Do you think your childhood was made colorful by local mom and pop shops or big chains? In either case, explain briefly. 5. How much do you think your area has changed because of the gentrification, especially the introduction of the chain stores over the course of time? 6. Is there a singular idea in this article that can function as a thesis? What are the main reasons that Postrel elaborates in supporting her thesis? 7. Mention some major naysayers in this article. How logically do you think Postrel refutes the naysayers? 8. In your lifetime, you may have seen the vanishing of a chain (like Toys r Us) or a dying chain (like Barnes and Nobles). Can you think of any reasons?

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[SOLVED] In Praise of Chain Stores
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