[SOLVED] Personal Brand

This assignment will require the development of a Personal Brand and a Personal Brand Portfolio. Everyone is in some fashion selling something. Everyone is selling an idea or a service or a product that is either their own or something provided by an employer. The perception of their brand will impact their sales effectiveness. An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your value proposition and your brand positioning will be conducted. The analysis should result in the creation and display of your brand portfolio on the Internet.   Be sure to create a Table of Contents for the following:   Specifically, each student is to do the following:   1. Conduct your own secondary research on the topic of Personal Branding and provide no more than a one page summary of your research on this topic. I provide you with some material below but do not limit your investigation of this important topic to what I am providing to you. This is an emerging topic in the Marketing profession. It is a cutting-edge topic. You will want to immerse yourself on this topic so that you too will be on the cutting edge. Do not limit your secondary research to the materials I am noting below. Go beyond those materials. This should be about one page in length.   To get you started, here is what Dr. Hubert Rampersad, an author on the topic, has said about Personal Branding:   “In life, as in business, branding is more effective, powerful, and sustainable than marketing and sales and an effective way to eliminate your competitors. It’s about influencing others, by creating a brand identity that associates certain perceptions and feelings with that identity. Branding isn’t just for companies anymore. There is a new trend called Personal Branding. Successful Personal Branding entails managing the perceptions effectively and controlling and influencing how others perceive you and think of you. Having a strong Personal Brand seems to be a very important asset in today’s online, virtual, and individual age. It is becoming increasingly essential and is the key to personal success. It is the positioning strategy behind the world’s most successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Bill Gates. It’s therefore important to be your own brand and to become the CEO of your life. Everyone has a Personal Brand but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strategically, consistently, and effectively. You should take control of your brand and the message it sends and affect how others perceive you. This will help you to actively grow and distinguish yourself as an exceptional professional.”   Review the discussion related to the development of a Personal Brand in my book: The Secret to Getting a Job After College: Marketing Tactics that Turn Degrees into Dollars. In addition, examine material from Dan Schawbel’s websites (he has many sites).

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[SOLVED] Personal Brand
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