[SOLVED] Reduce Potential Harm to Children

The goal is to reduce potential harm to children in dangerous or neglectful living conditions in the United States. Identify three critical success factors, preferable as discussed by Dwyer. Identify government interventions intended to address each critical success factor. Identify one of the government interventions that is likely to cause an unintended/undesired effect. Identify a way to address or mitigate the undesired effect. Write our your answer and submit your work as a Word file or an Adobe pdf file in GaVIEW. Put you name on your work. You are welcome to hand-draw or otherwise produce a visual model in addition to a written response. The written explanation is required. The visual model is not required. Inclusion of AND and OR stereotypes in text are encouraged but are optional. Rubric: ? Statement of the goal, beginning “To” ? Identification of three reasonable critical success factors beginning “To” ? Identification of reasonable and suitable government interventions beginning with a verb — at least one for each of the critical success factors. ? Identification of a undesired/unintended effect of one of the government interventions. ? Identification of a way to address or mitigate the undesired effect, through an additional government intervention or otherwise.

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[SOLVED] Reduce Potential Harm to Children
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