[SOLVED] Religion in the News

Journal Prompt  Review the attached journal examples Actions to help guide your work. You should post at least  two (2) journal entries total. Your primary documents should be varied in both format and source. The more sources you pull from, the better. (Editorial cartoons, news video clips, newspaper articles, etc.) Our special topic this session is “Religion and the 2020 Presidential Election”But note that you are not limited to this topic. You should use the “latest” news (of 2020  as your primary source, though you can reference older news items in your reflection. Your creativity and imagination will factor into the overall grade, so please be original in your work. A number of sites exist that provide you with information and updates specifically focusing on religion and contemporary American culture…I will let you discover these on your own…but I encourage you not to be overly dependent on such sites! Structure Each journal entry should include the following three parts: Source: Either an attachment (PDF or JPG) of a print source, or a link to a digital source. A short summary, in your own words (80-100 words) A reflection (150-250 words): This should include your thoughts on how the source relates to the topic “Religion and the 2020 Presidential Election (how it depicts, portrays, or demonstrates an aspect of American Religious culture as informed by the course). You can write the reflection part later, but you should be consistent in updating your journal with new sources and summaries as informed by the course.  Your final reflection should evidence and be informed by your engagement with various topics and themes addressed in the course.  You may find our reflections on recurrent issues and themes in American religious history (Module I) helpful.

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[SOLVED] Religion in the News
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