[SOLVED] Sickle Cell Anaemia

4-5 pages double spacing and not larger than 12 point font. No extra spaces between paragraphs or headings are allowed. include a minimum of two primary source references (i.e., journal articles) as part of bibliography.  Margins are to be no wider than 1 inch on the left and right and no more than 0.75 inches on the top and bottom.  The following headings should be in BOLD type within the body of the text.  Introduction: Include a general overview of the disease in this section. Genetics: Describe the genetic lesion in the disease and the mechanism of inheritance. Mechanism: If the gene defect causes a defect in a known protein or pathway, describe the nature of the defect in this section. Symptoms: Describe the symptoms of the disease in affected patients. Include a discussion of symptoms in individuals heterozygous vs. homozygous for the defective gene if appropriate. Diagnosis: Describe in detail the test or tests use for the prenatal and/or postnatal diagnosis of the disease. Give general background information about the test(s) and describe how the test is specifically performed for the disease in question.  Therapy: Describe the prognosis for patients affected by the disease. Discuss current therapies and any experimental therapies ( i.e., gene therapy) that are being investigated. Bibliography: A list of references used to write the paper. References should be cited in the text of the paper whenever required (i.e., when any idea or conclusion is stated that is not your own). At least some of the references should come from scientific journals as described in the introductory paragraph to this section. Journals appropriate for these references can be found in the Health Science Library. This section does not count toward the page limit of the paper. Appendix: Include any figures or special materials in this section. This section does not count toward the page limit of the paper.

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[SOLVED] Sickle Cell Anaemia
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