[SOLVED] The Design Argument

(i) State and explain the design argument for God’s existence. Then (ii) explain some reasons or evidence in support of the premises. Next, (iii) discuss at least one key criticism of the design argument. Finally, (iv) provide a thoughtful evaluation of this debate, where this involves explaining the reason (not your belief) why you do or don’t think the design argument survives the criticism(s) you raise I. Introduction: a short, 4-6 sentence introduction that consists solely in (a) a topic sentence (e.g., “This paper explores the design argument”), and (b) a roadmap of the major sections of your paper (e.g., “The plan of the paper is as follows. First, I will… Second, I will… Third, I will…. Finally, I will…”). II. Explanation of the Argument of Your Chosen Topic (the design argument, the cosmological argument, or the problem of evil) III. Some Reasons in Support of the Argument’s Premises III. Criticism(s) of the Argument IV. Evaluating the Debate A. What, precisely, is right or wrong with the criticism(s) of the argument you discussed?                B. Your final “two cents” on the argument V. Conclusion

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[SOLVED] The Design Argument
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