[SOLVED] The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Discuss the use of humor and satire by Marie de France in Lanval and by Chaucer and the Wife of Bath in The Wife of Bath’s Tale. What is she/he making fun of – chivalry, romance, men, women? How can we differentiate Chaucer’s comedy from Marie’s and the Wife’s? Your research paper must include quotes from the works and secondary sources using MLA documentation. These sources should support your thesis (or provide relevant literary criticism, as well as historical and biographical information). You are required to use at least 4 external sources to research this paper. Please use scholarly, library sources (don’t Google and use unacceptable sources like SparkNotes, Wikipedia, Shmoop, Bookrags, or other Content Farms).    Research Paper Do’s and Don’t’s 1. I will take off points for use of Kiss of Death words or phrases. 2. Do not use personal pronouns. 3. Watch for LOGICAL TRANSITIONS between paragraphs and within the same paragraph within and between sentences. 4. Integrate quotes correctly into your own argument. Look at my quoting and paraphrasing handout which is up on BB for methods/strategies you can use to do this (entitled “Guidelines for Quoting”). 5. Don’t overuse quotes. Each quote must have an introduction and must be analyzed. Don’t string quotes together. 6. Make sure you use MLA correctly.  MLA consists of both parenthetical citations in the body of your paper and a Works Cited page at the end of it. I will deduct 2 whole letter grades if MLA is incorrectly done. 7. If I suspect that your paper has been plagiarized I will run it through our software system and flunk you in the class AND report you to the Dean. 8. You must read the work you are writing about. Some of you may choose some “heavy duty” texts. Make sure you read the text in its entirety (and not the Cliff Notes version of it). If I get the impression that you haven’t actually read the text(s) you are writing about, I will take off two letter grades from the final paper grade.

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[SOLVED] The Wife of Bath’s Tale
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