[SOLVED] The Workplace Environment

ESSAY #3 REQUIREMENTS: The points for this essay are included in this assessment listed in the Syllabus: 25% Credit for a multimedia argument that requires 5% more content or effort on the part of the student than the two other formal documented essays. The assignment will incorporate visual and/or multi-media argument, through both subject matter and format. Some part of this assignment will be submitted on the RSC electronic platform or learning management system in a forum in which it may be viewed by a larger audience than just the course professor (for example, the course discussion or blog areas). This 25% credit may be divided among scaffolding assignments leading up to the essay, not just applied to the final essay draft itself.   COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TO PREPARE FOR ESSAY #3:  ? Read The Practiced Writer textbook: Chapter 7. ? Refer to The Practiced Writer textbook: Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12.  ? Refer to the Course Pages:  “Grammar Review Guide,” “Essay Review Notes,” “Toulmin Method Argument,” and “Essay Writing Requirements and Rubric.” Essay #3 (200 points) OBJECTIVES: Write a formal documented MLA or APA Documentation Style essay with minimum 5 FULL pages, incorporating 5-10 quotes from 5-10 Scholarly Resources from the RSC LRC using either MLA or APA and include a Works Cited or References page, using Toulmin Method Argument, and incorporating visual argument. An APA essay should include a Title Page and Abstract page. This essay should be created in response to the course’s thematic reading (“Workplace”). Use correct grammar, mechanics, and format. Follow ALL of the “Essay #3 Requirements” and “Essay Writing Requirements and Rubric.” Format for MLA or APA: Use 1-inch margins, Double-space the entire essay, and use 12 point Times New Roman font. For Essay #3, students need to use either MLA or APA Documentation Style depending on the essay career topic and which category the career fits into (either MLA or APA). See the definitions below taken from The Practiced Writertextbook by Kevin Caliendo to see which category your career topic fits into. If the student is not sure if the career fits into MLA or APA then use your best judgement and select either MLA or APA to use in Essay #3. “MLA is an editorial style recommended by the Modern Languages Association (MLA) for preparing scholarly manuscripts and research papers in the arts and humanities, which includes English, literature, humanities, communications, religion, art, theater, and a number of other disciplines” (Caliendo 139). “APA is a set of guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts developed by the American Psychological Association (APA)…for the discipline of psychology…and is used in a number of other fields including business, science, sociology, and nursing” (Caliendo, 2017, p. 155).   DIRECTIONS: As you complete the “Workplace” Readings and Discussion Posting, consider the various topics discussed in the chapter.  TOPIC: For the Essay #3 Topic, write about “The Workplace Environment.” Write about a past, current, or future career providing an overview, history, background, education, training, skills, and experience needed, communication skills needed, pay scale, and the growth and future of the career. You can pick the career that you are pursuing through your RSC degree or plan to finish at another college. Pick a Topic that you will be able to do a Toulmin’s Method Argument over and that you have an interest in and will be able to do research and write a minimum 5 pg. essay over. The Toulmin’s Method Argument can be done in one paragraph of the essay or throughout the entire essay—for example, you could argue about the education or training needed or not needed for the career (Do you need more or less? Why?) or the pay for the career (Should it be more or less? Why?) or the future of the career (Is there a future? Why or why not?). Essay #3 is a Formal Writing assignment based on Research and Argument NOT on personal experiences and opinions; therefore, the essay should be written using “Formal Language” using 3rd person (DO NOT use “I” or “You”). Essay #3 should be minimum 5-paragraphs and include MLA or APA Headings, a Title, an Introduction with a Thesis Sentence (underline Thesis Sentence), 3 Body Paragraphs with Topic Sentences, and a Conclusion. Essay #3 can be more than 5-paragraphs, but the essay should be a minimum 5 FULL content pages. APA essays should also include a Title page and Abstract page, which do not count as part of the 5 content pages. Use 5-10 quotes from 5-10 Scholarly Resources from the RSC LRC cited using MLA or APA and include a Works Cited or References page for the resources on the page after the essay. The resources should relate to and support the essay topic and argument. Use at least 5 quotes from 5 resources with at least one quote in each Body Paragraph; you may use a quote in the Introduction and/or Conclusion (10 quotes total). Use a variety of resources—books, journal articles, and/or encyclopedia entries. Do NOT use more than 10 quotes, Do NOT use more than TWO block quotes, and Do NOT repeat quotes.  Use Quotes, not Paraphrases; a Quote has “Quotation Marks” around it with a MLA or APA citation included with the Quote. Other than the quotes, the rest of the essay should be written in your own words using Formal Language (3rd person). The essay needs to be submitted on the RSC electronic platform in a forum in which it may be viewed by a larger audience than just the course professor; therefore, Essay #3 needs to be submitted to Canvas “Assignments” ANDCanvas “Essay #3 Discussion Posting” by the due date.   Visual Argument: Incorporate into the essay ONE form of Visual Argument Media relevant to the Essay Topic—suggested Media include the following: hyperlink to a web page, image, video, or graph (an Internet resource is allowed for the Media). The Media counts for 10 points of the Essay. The Media should be placed within the body of the essay. Be sure to include an MLA or APA citation for the Media within the essay (after the Media) and an MLA or APA Reference page entry for the Media. The Media can count as part of the 5 content pages; however, only ONE Media counts as part of the 5 content pages. The Media does NOT count as one of the Scholarly Resources; therefore, the Media can be from the Internet. Refer to The Practiced Writer Chapter 7. MLA Documentation Style: MLA Documentation Style Research paper—Use MLA format and headings, all of the quotations need to be cited correctly using MLA, and include an entry for the Resources on a Works Cited page cited correctly using MLA. For help with MLA Documentation Style, refer to The Practiced Writer Chapter 11 and the OWL Purdue (MLA) website Link.  (Links to an external site.) APA Documentation Style: APA Documentation Style Research paper—use APA for the essay format, all of the quotations need to be cited correctly using APA, and include an entry for each of the Resources on a References page cited correctly using APA. The essay should include a Title page, an Abstract page, and References page along with the correct headings and subheadings for APA.  For help with APA Documentation Style, refer to The Practiced WriterChapter 12 and the OWL Purdue (APA) website  Link. (Links to an external site.)   Scholarly Resources: The Resources need to come from the RSC LRC and should be considered a Scholarly Resource. Scholarly Resource: A Scholarly Resource is written by an author or editor who has a background or degree in the field of study and the resource was published in the last 30 years in a reputable book, journal, or encyclopedia from the RSC LRC. Use resources that have an author or editor. *Do NOT use World Wide Web (www) Internet resources. *Do NOT use dictionaries, literary works, newspapers, popular magazines, children/teen sources, personal websites, online essay sites, Bible or religious texts, Wikipedia, Cliffnotes, or Sparknotes. *Do NOT use the course textbooks as a Resource. Research: Use a variety of resources from the RSC LRC—books, journ
al articles, and/or encyclopedia entries. Visit the RSC LRC Library website for “Resources.” Use the “Library Catalog” to find Books. Use the “Online Databases” to find Journal Articles and Encyclopedia entries (EBSCOhost is a good Database to start with–be sure to click “Full Text” and “Scholarly” when searching for Journal Articles). The LRC’s online “Research Guides” might also be helpful.   *PLARIARISM: Refer to “Academic Integrity” in the Syllabus and the sections on Plagiarism and Turnitin.com in the “Essay Writing Requirements and Rubric” handout.   Rubric: Essay #3 will be graded using the “Essay Evaluation Rubric” from the “Essay Writing Requirements and Rubric” page. Essay Rubric: Content = 100 points, Errors = 20 points, Research = 70 points, and Visual Argument = 10 points. Total Essay #3 = 200 points.

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[SOLVED] The Workplace Environment
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