[SOLVED] Business World

Project 3: Annotated Bibliography Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to move you further into the research process and to get you one step closer to delivering a research-supported oral report. Because Project 3 and 4 are connected, it might help to refer to the Oral Report description in that module. You are composing an annotated bibliography so that you will have a strong body of source material when you give your oral report. Topic: Choose a technical subject that interests you. (This subject could be one that is relevant to your current job or a future job, or a subject that you have encountered in another course) Description: Using the HCC research databases, compile an annotated bibliography, five sources, over your chosen technical subject. When you choose your technical subject, create a reasonable real-world context. Here are three common scenarios from the business world:   Scenario One: Our company uses Technology X to perform Task A. Should we instead be using Technology Y to perform Task A? For instance, our company uses standard surveying tools in its contracting business. Should we be using 3D-equipped stations instead? Scenario Two: Our company has decided to purchase a tool to perform Task A. Which make and model of the tool should we purchase, and form which supplier should we buy it? For instance, our company had decided to purchase 10 multimedia computers. Which brand and model should we buy, and from whom should we buy them? Is leasing the tool a better option than purchasing?   Scenario Three: Our company does not currently perform Function X. Is it feasible to perform Function X? For instance, we do not currently offer day care for our employees. Should we? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? What forms can day care take? How is it paid for?   Additional topics to consider: The value of using social media to form ties with students in a technical-communication class on another campus. The need for expanded opportunities for internships or service-learning in your major. The need to create an advisory board of industry professionals to provide expertise about your major The need to improve parking facilities on campus   The annotated bibliography will begin with a research question along with a statement of why this question deserves to be answered.  You will also be asked to include your tentative thesis statement, which will be the answer to the research question. You will then list your sources according to MLA citation style as you would on a Works Cited page. Then after each citation, you will provide a summary of the source and an evaluation of the source.   Specific Requirements:   Every citation will have two paragraphs. The first paragraph is a summary of the source; the second paragraph is an evaluation of the source. Review the annotated bib PowerPoint and template for help.   Provide five sources for your research topic. All of your sources must be from the HCC library or databases. Those sources should be professional/literary journals, library/academic databases, and/or university or college web sites.   The bibliography must be formatted according to MLA guidelines.   You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, abstracts, or wikis for your annotated bibliography. Those entries will be deducted by 10 points. Annotations must be complete sentences.

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[SOLVED] Business World
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