[SOLVED] Gender Equality in the Workplace

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize and critically evaluate source material. For your research paper, you will create an annotated bibliography that considers sources from various mediums. Your bibliography must include five sources: Format Must be typed and double spaced. Each entry will include the following: • correctly formatted MLA citation • brief summary (4-6 sentences, including main idea and supporting points) • at least one quotation from the source. Quote should express an idea, opinion, insight that is interesting and will help develop your argument. • appropriate parenthetical documentation for quoted material • critical evaluation (1-2 sentences), including such things as the argument’s length, effectiveness, depth of information, author’s bias, tone, or technique • evaluation of the author’s authority to speak on this particular topic, including degrees, work experience, and other related published writing. Evaluation of the source’s credibility if the author’s information is not available (1 sentence) • explanation of how you might use this source in your essay (1 sentence) The bibliography will be arranged in alphabetical order. See the sample entry. Purpose To help students develop skills in research, evaluation of sources, organizing research, identifying main ideas and supporting information, citation, and quote integration. Grading A Paper Annotation articulately and clearly identifies the main ideas and supporting points of each source and assesses the source’s usefulness. Quotations are well chosen, introduced, and correctly documented. Follows correct MLA format. Remains free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. B Paper Accomplishes all of the above to a lesser extent. C Paper Contains one or more of the following problems: Annotation fails to identify main points or supporting ideas or to critically assess the source. Quotations are ineffective, unintroduced, or incorrectly documented. There are errors in MLA format. There are many grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. D Paper Includes two or more of the problems listed under C Paper. F Paper Contains many of the problems listed under C Paper.

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[SOLVED] Gender Equality in the Workplace
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