[SOLVED] Homelessness and Health in US

This is Step #4 on your individual research project. Based on all your research, now it is time to think about what might change or be different. Each individual needs to submit TWO concrete solutions, changes, successful programs, best practices, awesome models, concrete recommendations or alternatives in addressing the health topic. In other words, you need to find TWO examples of amazing and effective programs or models. They should inspire you and offer a stark contrast to the ‘problem’ or issue. For example, in regards to anxiety, teaching elementary school children mindfulness practices might be one way to ease their anxiety. Another example is from the Child Mind Institute http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2010-11-24-how-parent-anxious-kids  (Links to an external site.) As a second example, in terms of obesity, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign could be an example or French cultural practices of eating whole, fresh foods and eating only at meal times for pleasure and satiation could be another alternative. I recommend searching words like “best practices and …..,” excellent/strong/pioneering/leading models on….”most successful examples of ….” Along with your solutions, recommendations or models, please submit 1/2 page single-spaced or 1 page double-spaced of reflections addressing: 1) What about these models or solutions impresses you or strands out to you? 2) What do the models/solutions teach/show you about the topic?

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[SOLVED] Homelessness and Health in US
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