[SOLVED] Human Nutrition and the Digestive System

Write an article on human nutrition and the digestive system Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Consuming carbohydrates and proteins in large amounts, as compared to vegetable consumption daily for dinner. Meals consisting of refined foods such as pasta will lead to a trigger in blood glucose after consumption. Unbalanced meals have proven to lead to uneven blood sugar levels (Cousens, 1998: 38).She consumes snacks during lunch and consumes a pudding after an evening meal daily. Snacking and low intake of dietary fiber can add a lot of sugar, fat, and excess calories (Willett 2002: 59-68). This attributes to 168lbs weight and waist circumference of 83 cm.Consumption of a Whopper burger with large fries during the weekends. A Whopper burger is high in calories with approximately 1,200 calories and 80 grams of fat. A side of fries adds roughly 600 more calories this contributes to Mary’s weight gain. evident from her high cholesterol results of 6.2 mmol/l.She consumes about 5 cups of strong coffee daily. Studies have revealed that there is a positive link between coffee consumption and mortality from all causes and cardiovascular disease (Legrady, 1987: 803-812. Lindsted, 1992: 733-742).She drinks 3-4 glasses of alcohol, which is more than the specified limit, which is 2-3 glasses daily. This increases calorie intake, leading to weight gain. This also brings a visible impact on the waistline, evident from the physical data.Vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur if the diet is inadequate, as in Mary’s case. According to Mary’s symptoms, she often feels fatigued and experiences shortness of breath, and lethargy. As per the laboratory results and symptoms, she is suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Nutritional data reveals that she fails to consume enough iron-rich meals as she experiences menstrual periods. Iron aids in transporting oxygen to the body tissues. Thus, a lack of enough iron leads to low oxygen concentration in the body. This results in fatigue and reduced work performance as in Mary’s case. Despite the fact that chicken is an excellent source of iron, and Mary is consuming it daily, iron absorption from this food group is impaired by alcohol and concentrated coffee consumed.&nbsp.

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[SOLVED] Human Nutrition and the Digestive System
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