[SOLVED] Injury Psychology

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is demonstrate understand and appreciation for the concepts of responding to the psychosocial aspects of injury. Assignment Part 1: Case Selection For this assignment, you will select an imaginary case from the list below. You must indicate at the beginning of the assignment which case you picked, and provide the case information. You may copy and paste the case 43 year-old Hispanic male presents with right foot pain. He has not seen any healthcare providers, but the pain has been present for about 2 months. As the weather has become colder, he feels the pain is becoming worse. He cannot recall a specific moment when it became injured or the pain began. The pain is worse in the mornings, and when he takes his shoes off in the evenings. He has tried several natural remedies but has not noticed substantial relief that lasts. He works as a pipeliner in the oilfield, and walks about 6 miles a day, according to his apple watch. He does notice that the pain increases on the days he walks more. He has two children, ages 12 and 10, and is married. His wife stays home with the children. His coworkers have started to notice his limp, as did his children. He enjoys coaching his kids baseball and basketball teams, and working on cars. Assignment Part 2: The Project and Presentation After selecting your case, you will move through the imaginary situation, and respond to the prompts indicated below. While there is some variety in the explanations, assessments or responses, all of your responses should be consistent with each other and the progression between them should be logical. After selecting your case, respond to the following prompts in the order provided. You should reference previous responses and/or items to support the progression of responses. Your presentation should include the following information: 1. Identify any questions you would pose to this individual to help you understand their situation. 2. Identify individual and environmental/situational factors that may positively or negatively impact the individuals response to the injury. You should identify several factors for each, and explain why you identify it as positive or negative. 3. Identify if an injury history is present in your case. 4. Identify the injury type and severity. 5. Using items 1-4, explain how the person may respond to the injury, and why. (ex – what changes in mood state may occur, what physical or psychological reactions might they have) 6. What culture group, communities or populations is this person a part of? What impact might this have on their response to the injury? 7. In order to communicate effectively with this individual, based on previous information, and what strategies or techniques should you use? 8. What factors may have predisposed this individual to injury? 9. Identify measures you might use to assess this individuals stress level. Based on previous information provided, what metrics might the person use to manage their potential stress? 10. Identify forms of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation this person may have. 11. Identify forms of social support the person may have. What types of social support may be present, and what types may be needed based on previous information provided? 12. What signs may indicate the individual is in psychosocial distress? Based on previous information and best practices, when would you refer the individual? Which type of provider may be the best fit for this individual? 13. Do you think this individual would be adherent and complaint, nonadherant, overadherant or underadherant to rehabilitation? Why? How would you encourage compliance with this particular individual? 14. How would you determine when this individual is ready to return to their normal activities? How would you assess their readiness to return to activities? The assignment may be conducted in any format (paper, presentation, video, etc). If in presentation format, there must be audio and video components. I encourage creative in the presentations. Scholarly resources are mandatory and appropriate citations should be utilized. APA or AMA format is preferred. Videos/presentations should be no longer than 17 minutes in length, and should include no more than 20 slides including a title slide and reference slide. your assignment. The cases you may pick from are:

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[SOLVED] Injury Psychology
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