[SOLVED] Jaha’s Promise

Please use the sources to write a well thought out critical analysis of the film being sure to present unique ideas. Please watch the film and refer to specific scenes to support ideas. Prompt: Please write about how you felt about the film –whether you liked it or not — but also give an interesting reason why. Why did you react the way you did? Think of yourself both as a film critic and as an anthropologist. Please address the questions below as they become relevant to the films. Be reflective but raise good thought-provoking points. Also, don’t forget to approach the film as a film critic with specific examples.  Questions to address: In the ways did the film succeed or fail in telling the story it set out to tell?  Did its treatment of its subject matter seem fair? Seem complete? How informative or insightful was the film?  Did it make you think about something for the first time or in a new way?  Did it make you change a prior opinion? What particular elements made it an effective film: certain techniques used by the filmmaker, especially powerful scenes, its overall approach or style? If less than successful, what were its weaknesses?

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[SOLVED] Jaha’s Promise
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