[SOLVED] Political Polarization

This is research essay. My research question is “What Impact will the Election of Joe Biden have on Social or Political Polarization in the United States?” Please see the file I uploaded, all the requirements are there, you will need to follow the structure. My professor explained the topic for me, I hope it is helpful for you to clarify your topic. The following explanation may inspire you: “Right now, America is politically polarized. This means that there are sharp divisions between people who are on the political left (liberals, Democrats) and the political right (conservatives, Republicans). The causes of such polarization are various: I’ve heard it described as a result of more bias in mainstream media, an increase in social media activity (online bubbles and echo chambers), and, even, as a response to Barack Obama being the first Black president: many racist Americans responded negatively to his presidency. Whatever the reasons, your research question is asking whether the election of Joe Biden to the presidency will have an impact on the polarization. Will it improve the situation or make it worse, or will it remain the same? These seem to be your options. Some people think the situation will improve because Biden is not progressive nor extremely liberal. He is more middle-of-the-road, and he has a history of “working across the aisle” and of bipartisanship. Other people believe the situation will become worse as a Biden presidency might enrage the far right (Trump supporters, racists, and white nationalists) and the far left (progressives). Some people think that polarization is simply the state of American politics today, and nothing will change. Your research should explore these various suggestions, and you should settle on what you believe will be the result of a Biden presidency and argue for that position while, at the same time, explaining why another position doesn’t reflect a likely result.”

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[SOLVED] Political Polarization
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