[SOLVED] Psychology as a Human Science

Instructions: Please answer four the following questions to the best of your ability,the assigned readings and/or any independent sources you may wish. Make sure that you answer one question about Yalom and one about Fromm. Please insure your answers are no less than 2 and no more than 4 double spaced type written pages in length (12 point font.) Your answers will be graded on content only, not on style or the mechanics of writing.      Irvin Yalom incorporates several important  features of Freud’s thinking about the unconscious mind, but rejects or modifies other. What elements of Freud’s work does he keep, and which does he reject, and why?   Irvin Yalom’s ideas about existential isolation borrow heavily from the thought of Heidegger, Buber and Erich Fromm. Discuss.   Stanley Milgram’s experimental studies of obedience to authority defied expectations and changed the way people thought about human nature. Describe his method, his findings, and the impact that they had on the practice of experimental social psychology. What were the critiques levelled at him by Diana Baumrind and Ian Nicholson?   What is “the authoritarian personality”? What are some of its most salient characteristics, and what social conditions promote the emergence of authoritarianism?   According to Erich Fromm, the meaning of the term “obedience to authority” depends entirely on what mode of authority we are talking about. What would Fromm say about Milgram’s experiment on obedience? What are the different modes of authority that Fromm enumerates in his work? What are their most salient characteristics? How do they impact human development, especially as regards the development of conscience and the capacity to think critically?   Fromm’s ideas about humanistic and authoritarian religion are closely related to his ideas about rational and irrational authority. How are these different religious orientations aligned with rational or irrational authority? What role do rational and irrational authority play in Judaism and Christianity historically (according to Fromm)? And in Buddhism?

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[SOLVED] Psychology as a Human Science
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