[SOLVED] Stanford Prison Experiment

Instruction: Select a concept/ theory covered in this course. Based on the concept/ theory, generate your hypothesis/ hypotheses.  Design an experiment that allow you to test out your hypothesis/ hypotheses. Format the paper as if it is an actual academic journal article, including sections of introduction, methods, results, discussion and references. Introduction: Provide details about the theory/ concept, and other theoretical background that supports your hypothesis/ hypotheses. Note that the content that we learned in class may not be sufficient, you may need to do additional literature search on that specific topic, e.g., what are some experiments being done in the past, their findings and limitations. Methods: Provide details about the experiment (participants, experimental procedures, measures, etc). Results: Provide the expected results. If it helps to illustrate the findings, you may also include charts/ diaphragm. Discussion: Explain how the findings support your hypothesis, what are the potential limitations, and potential ways to extend on your proposed study (e.g., sample, experimental procedure, research methods etc). References: List all your cited references in APA format, make sure whatever you reference in the main text are included on this list. Format requirement: No more than 10 pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, APA format (in-text citation; introduction, methods, result, discussion, references).

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[SOLVED] Stanford Prison Experiment
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