[SOLVED] The Underground Warren Wonders of the Colosseum

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Underground Warren Wonders of the Colosseum. Presently, the Coliseum represents an exceptional talent, which stands in a somewhat ruined condition. This partial ruin is because of various factors such as human intervention. it still remains one of the popular architects that attract huge numbers of tourists. Colosseum is a good example of an architectural structure in which its form and function are linked inextricably (Maya 1). To demonstrate this, this paper will look at some of the orders, the wall-like structure and the varied intersections of the Colosseum as part of its form and functions. Below is the architecture that will form the basis of my research.The Roman Colosseum is one of the most impressive buildings in the Roman Empire history. It is known for its wicked past of bloody, yet amusing entertainment. People would come on a regular basis to cheer on gladiators who participated in brutal fights against each other. They also fought very wild and hungry animals. These foreign animals were imported from countries like Syria and Africa. This arena had death written all over it. A fight would not end until someone or something died. Other spectacles included boxing matches, chariot races, archery contests, and any other type of gruesome episode. Preparation for any event requires time, effort, and space. therefore, I will write about the underground chamber of the Colosseum and the functions it was put to. Gladiators, imported animals, criminals, and other useful materials needed for each event were located underneath the arena floor (Wilkinson 145). Gladiators were held in rooms, while the animals were locked up in cages.Also, criminals were executed in the amphitheater, so they were held in cages underground as well. Due to the fact that there were ramps leading to different levels in the underground warren, we can conclude that it was a very deep and spacy area. In addition, I will cover the use and structural architect of trapdoors in the floor that opened at regular intervals.

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[SOLVED] The Underground Warren Wonders of the Colosseum
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