[SOLVED] Theatre Arts

1. Discuss each of the six elements of theatre as they relate to this production. Each element should rate a paragraph length of discussion. To refresh your memory on the elements, check the week 2 module for lecture “What is Theater” slide #14. I have a screen recording of the video, I couldn’t add the video here because its to big of a file.  2. Discuss Goethe’s 3 functions of art as it relates to this production. To refresh your memory on the functions, check the week 1 module for lecture on Goethe. 3. There must be logical and clearly developed ideas using specific examples from the production. 4. Arrive at a satisfactory appraisal of the artistic merit based on the successful application of the elements of theatre. 5. There must be varied vocabulary giving attention to the theatrical vocabulary that has been covered in your text/lectures. Theatrical terminology must be used correctly. When in doubt, reference the glossary in your text. 6. There must be few or no grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. 7. You must strive for a scholarly tone as opposed to emulating the ‘sound-bites’ style of a tabloid reviewer. 8. It must be well organized. 9. It must be typed in black 12 pt. font, double spaced and be at least 3 to 4 pages in length.

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[SOLVED] Theatre Arts
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