[SOLVED] Transnational Latina Feminism

The purpose of the Response Papers is to gage your understanding of the course materials. I want to see that you connecting the concepts you are learning to contemporary and historical issues concerning transnational Latina Feminisms as well as to your own experiences. You will be reflecting on the media in question and offering your own views, critiques, and analysis of it. Assignment Instructions 1. Watch: Two spoken word/slam poet videos. You may chose any two that you like just be sure that they connect to the course themes and that they have enough content for you to talk about. Itis helpful if you take notes of what you see in the film for later reference. Consider the performance as a whole, the poets voice, the location of the video, the body language of the poet, and the content of the poem. Everything can be data. Here is a shortlist of poets you may want to check out: • Jessica Helen Lopez • Mercedes Holtry • Eva Crespin • Elizabeth Acevedo 2. Reflect: Think about the videos and how they connect to the course concepts and materials. 3. Analyze: Take a stance on the videos by creating an argument about how they help us to understand Transnational Latina Feminisms. You can compare and contrast the videos as you like just be critical and analytical in your response as well as reflective. 4. Support: Draw in at least two of the course materials to support your work. Be sure to reference all sourced materials with an in-text citation. Please provide a bibliography with your videos and any other materials you use from outside of the course. 5. Review: Review your work for grammatical, clarity, and spelling issues. You should have a clear and strong thesis with considerable support for your perspective. Response Paper Formatting Guidelines Response papers should be a minimum of 700 words. Sourced materials should include an intext citation in the Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago, or American Psychological Association styles. Each document should have 1” margins on all sides, written in Times New Roman 12pt font and be double-spaced. Students should include their name on the document as well as page numbers. Each file name should include the students first and last name along with the assignment name. Grading Rubric Guidelines I will consider the following as I am grading your work. • The writing demonstrates a depth of understanding by using relevant and accurate detail. • The use of materials from the readings, lectures, films and discussions is thorough and goes beyond what was presented in class. • The writing is centered around a thesis, which shows highly developed awareness of interdisciplinary issues and a high level of conceptual ability. •The writing is clear, concise and effective in conveying ideas. The writing followed all of the assignment instructions and formatting guidelines

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[SOLVED] Transnational Latina Feminism
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