[SOLVED] Visual System and Sexes

Directions:   Construct a 1-2 page response for each question. (2-4 pages total for both responses – included in the same document) which demonstrates the application and integration of the constructs learned thus far (Chapters 5-6). Students should substantiate their responses with evidence from the textbook, websites, and other resources provided as well as additional empirical sources (citing all information). Students should include a separate cover page and reference page and adhere to APA formatting for this assignment.  The Questions: 1.)Why do you suppose that the human auditory system evolved sensitivity to sounds in the range of 20-20,000 Hz instead of some other range of frequencies? 2.)Suppose we want to create a new cologne/perfume (colfume) that is marketable across sexes/genders. How would you go about conducting research to determine the “best” fragrance for your new colfume? Be sure to include a discussion about olfaction across the sexes and what receptors must be considered in your new fragrance. Be sure to include a name for your fragrance as well (Bonus points for creative names!).  I ADD PAPERS FROM THE TEXTBOOK TEXTBOOK name: biological psychology James Kalat 13th edition PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CITE, MY PROFESSOR IS VERY BIG ON CITING! AND MY TEACHER READS AND CHECKS THE PAPER FOR PLAGIARISM! thank you so much for doing this paper.

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[SOLVED] Visual System and Sexes
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