[SOLVED] Communication and Disabilities

You have all viewed two films that have a person with a disability at the center of the story. Scent of a Woman and Temple Grandin  have that in common. Please explain how, in each film, the communication difficulties each protagonist faces catalyzes their growth and their determination to succeed. What positive traits do each of the disabled characters exhibit that help them add meaning to their lives and the lives of those around them? Moreover, how do they change the way that they communicate with others to reinforce their unique strengths and abilities? Please answer as specifically as possible with regard to each film and find examples from the films to underscore your thesis.  please make it good final essay watch thew movies and do the paper everything has to be your own words and only use info from the movies my teacher is strict so make it good she focuses on little detail eveything has to be perfect and and instruction followed thank you  movie links  scent of the women  https://digitalcampus.swankmp.net/csicuny370865/watch/4278A73E4FD29DD5?referrer=direct temple grandin https://digitalcampus.swankmp.net/csicuny370865/watch/35376B9FA7CD4A7F?referrer=direct

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[SOLVED] Communication and Disabilities
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