[SOLVED] Facial Recognition

ESSAY REQUIREMENTS: (Disclaimer: I already have all of the sources lined up and quotes listed if you need it. One of the sources is a book called Data and goliath, however there’s a free version online you can use so the book is accessible. Also, this is a Digital Technology Argumentative Research Paper) For this paper, you will choose some issue raised during the semester that piqued your curiosity and do some further research on it. The general topic is how digital technology is shaping and will continue to shape our lives in the future. Within this general topic, however, you need to carve out both a manageable scope and a meaningful argument. 1,500-2,000 words, typed and double-spaced. Word count at end of paper. Interesting and informative title. An opening thesis paragraph outlining a manageable scope and a meaningful argument about one specific facet of digital technology. Well-organized body paragraphs with clear focus for each paragraph and elegant transitions between paragraphs Five QUALITY research sources to explain current and future usage, elucidate ongoing conversations, and support your own position. Effective use of quotes from your sources. Quotes should be smoothly and correctly incorporated into your own sentences (no dropped quotes). Correct use of 8th edition MLA Style for formatting, quotations, and citations. A conclusion that encapsulates your main points. A properly formatted Works Cited (8th edition MLA Style). College-level vocabulary and sentence structures. Interesting to read, demonstrating depth of thought and insight. Carefully proofread, with no grammatical, mechanical or word usage errors. How is this technology currently being used? What are its benefits? How do its creators imagine it being used in the future? What concerns have been raised by others about this technology? What potential drawbacks or unforeseen uses exist? What implications (historical, social, cultural, neurological, political, economic, environmental, etc.) are there in the use of this technology? What are people possibly not considering when they adopt this technology? What is your own position on the use of this technology?

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[SOLVED] Facial Recognition
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