[SOLVED] Pharmacology Subject

Assignment:  Your neighbor tells you she has been experiencing heartburn and belching, acidic foods seem to make it worse.  What might your neighbor be experiencing?  Explain why this occurring and what might be done to alleviate the problem?   The goals of peptic ulcer disease pharmacotherapy is to provide immediate relieve from symptoms, promote healing of the ulcer and prevent recurrence of the disease. Discuss the drug classification, which might be prescribed. The patient will begin medications to treat peptic ulcer disease. What would the nurse include in the assessment prior to giving the medication, during the medication administration? In addition, what symptoms might indicate potential adverse effects or complications?   A patient presents to their primary care physician complaining of dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling cold, and states they are a strict vegan. Upon further assessment and bloodwork, the patient is diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. Discuss this type of anemia. Cite examples of the different indications for administration of anemia drugs. What would be included in patient education?   A patient with Stage 1 cancer is being admitted to the oncology unit for chemotherapy and reports that she has been taking nutritional supplements to build up her immune system. What are nutritional supplements?   After a week of chemotherapy, the patient is unable to eat or drink anything without vomiting in spite of administering antiemetics. She is weak and has lost 9 pounds. The oncologist has ordered total parenteral nutrition (TPN) to be administered via her central line. What is the difference between administering nutrition enterally and parenterally? *****I HAVE ATTACHED ANOTHER STUDENT’S ANSWERS FOR HELP. ALSO, PLEASE RESPONSE TO THEIR ANSWERS.  THANK YOU

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[SOLVED] Pharmacology Subject
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