[SOLVED] Psychology of Aggression

This model should be presented as an academic research paper of approximately ten (10) pages of content. You will need to use 5-8 additional resources beyond those in your textbook. You should use style guidelines appropriate to your chosen discipline. However, Arial typeface at 10 points with double-spaced lines is an acceptable set of parameters. This model should be developed with an eye toward prediction and could be broadly applicable to all agonistic encounters a focus on a specific subtype of encounters.   To sum up this project the main goal is to describe how _______ causes aggressive behavior in any given species, with research to back it up, and a opinionated solution to aid putting a stop to it. If possible I would like there to be a abstract portion of the project toward the end. I DO NOT NEED A TITLE OR COVER PAGE PLEASE 🙂  Here are some examples you can use or you can completely develop your own. Psychology of Aggression brainstorm · Mom and daughter anger because mother has been used to having fathers attention 24/7 (spot light taken off of her) At the start daughter and mother are best friends because she is used a puppet and listens to whatever mother says. Yet, as daughter ages and becomes her own person and clings to other people jealousy and aggression kicks in. · Aggression in pet- being territorial over owner and anyone who comes near. Pet feels the need to protect and comfort owner at all times especially when it feels as though owner is put in danger. · Domestic violence- due to cheating, to show power over partner or scare partner to leave (projecting insecurities into aggression) · Aggression in sports (basketball)- occurring because of teasing/talking, provoking by hitting, pushing, or fouling to throw off opponent · Step family structure- specifically step-son and father. Occurring to show dominance, man of the house, and new man wrecking the family and having potential to hurt mother.

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[SOLVED] Psychology of Aggression
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