[SOLVED] Ready Player One

The Assignment:Write a 1250 word essay using, at least, two of the provided sources and, of course,Ready Player One on oneof the prompts below.  The essay must have a focused thesis and its statements should be well-supported usingReady PlayerOne and provided sources for specific examples and quotations.  The essay should be in MLA format and be revised to removevarious grammatical and mechanical errors and in language appropriate for a formal essay.  It should be organized in paragraphswith a logical flow from one to the next, and there must be an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Essays will be submitted toTurnitin via Canvas, and grades and feedback for final drafts will be through Grademark as a result.  Use a standard font.  Do notplagiarize or misrepresent anyone’s work as your own (including work you have submitted to a previous course).      Quotations should have parenthetical citations, and please parenthetically cite the page number for any specific quote fromReadyPlayer One.Direct quotations should not make up more than 15-20% of the essay.  It is recommended you utilize what you havelearned about setting up quotes and summarizing fromThey Say, I Say to achieve an optimal result.  Also, feel free to consult help materials provided in the modules.A works-cited page will not be necessary since I am providing the exact sources you will be citing this.  However, because of this,I do expect prior-approval for any other sources you wish to use (if approved, a works-cited page for that source, or those sources,would be required).  Sources have been selected and provided to ease some of the difficulty of producing this essay during a six-week course.  Furthermore, the sources directly relate to the prompts.Prompts for  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline:Given all you know from reading Ready Player One, what would be in “Ready Player Two” (ignoring the movie version)?What happens to Wade after winning the contest and the OASIS?  What does he end up doing?  Why do you think so?Do you think Ready Player One contains a reasonable prediction of the future (including what happens IRL)? Useexamples with page references to support your point of view.  You may also use any articles or films assigned in thiscourse to help support your point of view.Imagine creating the OASIS and Easter Egg hunt. Your idea is that the person has to “appreciate” the same childhoodthings as you (and people like you) in order to understand and take over.  This compels people to relive your life (i.e. itsraumas and its joys, and your obsessions) as a full-time job.  As a reward, the winner inherits your fortune and role in theOASIS as, presumably, a sort of benevolent dictator.  Meanwhile, the world IRL has fallen to pieces with people livingalmost totally on the OASIS (some of which are “gunters,” but not everyone).  Isn’t this just a bit of a “jerk” move?  IsJames Halliday a “jerk?”  Why/why not? “’Halliday was one crazy, sadistic bastard,’ Art3mis muttered” (308).Is the novel fundamentally tragic? Do Wade or any of his close friends/gunters really “win” anything as the result of thisquest?  Some might argue this is a quasi-religious devotion to the materials of one man’s obsessions and creations.  DoWade or any of the other characters “win” anything by engaging in this pursuit (besides money)?  Why do you think theydismiss changing conditions IRL?  Is the solution to world chaos to retreat into some virtual version of the past in thehopes of a reward?What about the lack of inclusion in Ready Player One? In case you did not know, a lot is missing inReady Player One that came from the 80s.  Some of that is diversity missing in the nostalgia-verse we know to be the OASIS.  This isHalliday’s creation (via Cline, of course).  What is found in Anorak’s Almanac is notparticularly inclusive of everyone.  What isn’t included in the OASIS (or the book frankly) and what does this suggest about Halliday and/or Cline?

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[SOLVED] Ready Player One
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