[SOLVED] Regulation of Gene Activity

Directions For Research Report:    1.           Write a 15 page double spaced, typed report on a topic related to this biology course. The 15 pages include the title page, figures, tables, and references. The report must contain at least 8 different peer reviewed cited references (books and peer reviewed journal articles).  Google Scholar is a great resource for finding journal articles. You may use the internet for legitimate peer reviewed journal articles (but not Wikipedia).     Report Format Guidelines    ·        Reports must be typed using #12 font, double spaced  ·     Include page numbers   ·     Reports should be at least 15 pages   ·     Use proper citation procedures within the report and in the works cited page  ·     Do NOT use information from literature without proper citation!    Title Page   · title should be one sentence long     Literature Cited Page  · Include a bibliography of the books, journal articles,  etc. that you used in your report  · The internet does NOT count as a literature source due to its lack of credibility  · You must use a minimum of 8 sources in your report   · Make sure you follow proper citation methods in this section:  Examples below:    Journal article:  Author, year, article title, Journal title, volume number:pages.    Vannote, R.L., G.W. Minshall, K.W. Cummings, J.R. Sedell, and C.E. Cushing.  1980.  The river continuum concept.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 37:130-137.  In text citation: (Vannote et. All, 1980)    Book:  Author, year, Book Title, publisher, publisher’s city, state  Nalepa, T.F. and D.W. Schloesser.  1993.  Zebra Mussels: biology, impacts, and control.  Lewis/CRC Press, Inc.  Boca Raton, FL.  In text citation: (Nelepa & Schloesser, 1993)    Book Chapter:  Chapter author, Year, chapter title, In:  Editors, Book title, publisher, publisher’s city, state, pages  Sprung, M.  1993.  The other life: an account of present knowledge of the larval phase of Dreissena polymorpha.  In:  T.F. Nalepa and D.W. Schloesser (eds.).  Zebra Mussels: biology, impacts, and control.  Lewis/CRC Press, Inc.  Boca Raton, FL, pp. 39-53.  In text citation: (Sprung, 1993)

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[SOLVED] Regulation of Gene Activity
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