[SOLVED] America in the World

From our beginnings as a nation, the United States has always played an important role in the world. Whether it was a rising world power, or dominating the world scene, American history and the decisions made in those moments affect the world we live in today. For this assignment you will: 1. Choose a decade of American history from pre-Columbian to the Civil War Era. 2. Choose three events, in that decade, that helped to mold American ideals in that time period, and possibly still affect the present-day ideas and culture. 3. Once you have chosen the three events (they can be large or small), write a thesis statement using the following prompt: “Because of (event 1, event 2, and event 3, America during the decade of (place the years here) was changed for the (better or worse depending on the point you will make), influencing our current political and social condition. ” 4. Once the thesis statement is chosen, use academic sources, including, but not limited to, primary sources (first-hand accounts such as diary entries, legislation, letters, etc), secondary academic sources (newspaper articles, books, academic journals, etc), documentaries or speeches. For this assignment, you will need at least 5 sources, but are not limited to just 5. 5. Write the paper, taking each of the events that you have chosen, using evidence from the academic sources you have chosen to prove your thesis. 6. Make sure to write this research paper using Chicago style. In your tools for the course in the Modules, you will find a sample paper, and other writing tools to help you do this. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length, double -spaced, with no larger than a 12 pt, Times Roman Numeral font. 7. Make sure to avoid first-person language and subjective (based on opinion and not fact) arguments. Phrases like “I think”, “I feel”, and “I believe” should not be used, but the evidence that you provide will show what you believe. 8. Check for grammatical errors using spell check or Grammarly. 9. When finished, drop the paper into the dropbox that is provided here. You may complete the paper at any time, but it is not due until January 5th. 10. The grade will be given based on the following: Thesis: Is it clear, timely and relating to American history? 10 points Chicago Style: Formatting, in paper citation, Notes, Title Page, Bibliography 15 points Sources: Academic, primary, secondary. 10 points Analysis: Does the information used match the thesis? Prove the thesis statement? Are you clearly making a case using historical evidence before you? 15 points

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[SOLVED] America in the World
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