[SOLVED] Enduring Theories

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency: Analyze the value of leadership theory for contemporary and future organizations. Activity Instructions A vast amount of scholarly research has been conducted on the topic of leadership. An understanding of the background of leadership research that has contributed to various historical theories is important in establishing the foundation for subsequent discussions. Use the Table of Theoretical Characteristics (linked in Resources) to help you answer the discussion question. Using additional sources from the Capella library, compare and contrast three historical leadership theories. Discuss their relevance to the sustainability of contemporary organizations. Briefly explain why certain theories seem to endure more than others. Response Guidelines Respond to a minimum of two peers. Evaluate how, if at all, the theories they have identified address your world. Based on this assessment, identify other categories that might be considered in evaluating whether the longevity of theories means anything. Use peer-reviewed sources to support your contentions. Note: In discussions, you are to collaborate and build threads, engaging in a respectful back-and-forth of substantive dialogue. Posts must be well argued and supported from peer-reviewed scholarly sources and practice; replies to colleagues must adhere to these same guidelines.

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[SOLVED] Enduring Theories
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