[SOLVED] Secondary Prizonization Study

Q1. As noted by Comfort, crime scholars and criminal justice professionals alike often neglect those indirectly impacted by incarceration such as family members and friends of those imprisoned. Why should we pay attention to the consequences of secondary prisonization? (con.) COLLAPSE Additionally, had you considered how incarceration has wide-reaching effects on significant others and family members of inmates before this week’s materials? *Note: Arguments for why we should care about loved ones of incarcerated people can be wide-ranging but if you’re unsure how to approach it, you can think about why we should pay attention to secondary prisonization either specifically in this criminal justice course or from your viewpoint as a future criminal justice professional. The New York Times video on children visiting their mothers in prison shown at the end of the lecture (and in the media folder) would be a good reference for this too. Q2. Comfort’s book describes the process of secondary prisonization by giving us very personal glimpses into how female partners of imprisoned men deal with their loved ones’ incarceration. Discuss one woman’s story or quote that particularly struck you, noting why you think it’s important. COLLAPSE For example, if you found Sarah’s story (pp.129-132) especially striking, you could either write generally on why it impacted you or note a specific quote from her such as, “I look around me at what’s out there in the world—I dated a lot before I met Ben—worthless! Worthless! Totally worthless! I’d love to shout this to the world: Men out there are worthless!” and then describe why the quote is important to you or our understanding on the experiences of women who are partners of inmates.

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[SOLVED] Secondary Prizonization Study
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