[SOLVED] Ecozone and Park Planning Evaluation

Your latest job is to compare the ecozone you live in with one other ecozone. You are doing this so that you can determine which is the better ecozone in which to locate a new national park. Step 1: Take a look at the rubric to understand how you will be evaluated on this assignment. Step 2: Determine the ecozone you live in. Choose one other ecozone to compare to your own. Step 3: Review the purposes of national parks by checking the list of points on page 49. Step 4: Find information that will help you to understand the characteristics of the ecozones. There are many good Websites you can access on the Internet. Your search words could be ecozones, Canada. Step 5: Organize your collection of information by preparing a comparison chart. Your comparison chart might have these headings: Step 6: Record information in your chart. Make sure that you give full documentation of your sources; that is, that you supply all the references you used. See the information about citing sources below on the course site! Step 7: Find a picture from each ecozone. The picture should show some of the important characteristics you are noting. Make sure to record the sources of your pictures. Step 8: Review the information you have collected and decide whether you have enough information to make a good decision about where to locate the new national park. If you can’t decide, you may need to find and record more details. Step 9: Make your decision and write a short summary paragraph in which you give some of the reasons for your decision. Step 10: Share your research findings. Make up a poster or a Website that includes: A map showing the two ecozones that you investigated Your two pictures Your completed comparison chart A bibliography of your information sources Your summary paragraph

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[SOLVED] Ecozone and Park Planning Evaluation
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