[SOLVED] Theory and Reality of a HSO

List the name, title, address, telephone number, size, and scope of operations of the HSO. Indicate when the interview took place and whether it was via phone, in person, via email, etc Illustrate or provide a copy of an organizational chart, the organizational structure, and key management roles of the HSO. Identify, explain, apply, analyze, assess and hypothesize how the management theories, concepts, models, and information related apply to health services provider, payer, and consumer organizations. This includes but is not limited to: External and internal environmental factors Management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, decision making, controlling, and conflict management As well as actual management activities within an HSO towards answering the following question: How and to what extent does the management of the HSO use/apply the major theories, concepts and activities discussed in each of the Modules of this course? Your task is to relate the course materials to an HSO’s management activities: How close the activities come to the theory What is similar and what is dissimilar. Please do, not analyze or evaluate how well the HSO’s managers perform these activities since this is outside the scope of the assignment. As an example – when addressing planning concepts, describe how the planning functions are related to the role of a manager in an HSO. Then based upon your interview questions regarding several of the key/major concepts involved in planning, for example, does he/she perform the key steps involved in the planning process, does he/she perform/get involved in market audits, does the organizational stakeholders influence their planning process, etc. Briefly describe whether they do or do not perform activities related to these concepts. If they do, then briefly describe how what they do is related to these concepts. If they do not perform these concepts then briefly describe why they do not. Then proceed on to the next major area of the course (Organizing). Your task is to briefly describe the major concepts related to the lesson objectives and then to briefly describe their relationship or lack of relationship to the activities of your manager. Continue this strategy through all the major sections of the course. Given the volume of information learned in the course, do not hesitate beginning work. Parameters for the Assignment Communicate effectively in a scholarly manner in the way that best communicates the information. Your relating of the course materials will accurately reflect the major concepts and theories presented in the course materials. Your essay will contain no more than 4000 words (15 pages double spaced). The assignment can also be in table format. Your assignment will contain appropriate referencing for scholarly work. Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question. Module 1: Introduction to Management of Health Services: Longest and Darr pages 3 to 54. Longest and Darr, pp. 65-120. Longest and Darr, pp. 251-282. Edwards and Yankey, pp. 3-46 Module 2: External Environments That Influence Management Activities Longest and Darr, pp. 183-234  Longest and Darr, pp. 325-357, 367-407 Longest and Darr, pp. 131-171 Longest and Darr, pp. 497-508 Allocating Resources, and pp. 468-470 and 478-479 Marketing Edwards and Yankey, pp. 101-118 Edwards and Yankey, pp. 327-342 Module 3: Internal Environments That Influence Management Activities-Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Decision Making Read Longest and Darr, pp. 421-459 Read Longest and Darr, pp. 587-621 Read Longest and Darr, pp. 632-633 Read Longest and Darr, pp. 508-527 Read Edwards and Yankey, pp. 141-176 Read Edwards and Yankey, pp. 179-193 Read Longest and Darr, pp. 293-321 Read Edwards and Yankey, pp. 215-237 Module 4: Additional Internal Environments – Direct (motivate, lead, communicate, manage conflict), Control Longest and Darr, pp. 627-668 Longest and Darr, pp. 673-697 Edwards and Yankey, pp. 195-211 Shortell & Kaluzny, pp. 148-170 Conflict Management and Negotiation; and pp. 276-310 Power and Politics Longest and Darr, review pp. 497-527  Edwards and Yankey, pp. 429-454 Edwards and Yankey pp. 253-273 Course textbook # 1: Course Book access via kindle: Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems  https://read.amazon.com/ un:drjdjulien@yahoo.com pw: iLOVEME2020!! Course textbook #2: Effectively Managing Nonprofit Organizations ISBN 978-0-87101-369-9

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[SOLVED] Theory and Reality of a HSO
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