[SOLVED] An American History

Answer Essay questions using book Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Seagull Sixth Edition) (Vol. Volume One) 1.Discuss the conflict of the early United States government and the transition to the constitution: with the establishment of the Declaration of Independence, what issues emerged with the attempt to establish the United States? What was the Articles of Confederation and how did it function? What were its weaknesses and issues in society that led to the shift to the creation of the Constitution? What issues took place with the creation of the constitution? What arguments took place between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist movement and how did the Bill of Rights become established as amendments in the constitution? What tensions were present between the north and south during the creation of the constitution? 2.Examine the Lowell Mills and the role of industrialization in urban society: what was the early structure of farming, artisans, and merchants? How did technology change the nature of society in the north and the shift to industrialization and urban society? What was the structure of early Lowell Mills and the Lowell Ideal? How did the town follow the concept of paternalism with the young women who worked the mills? What issues arose that led to the shift to the use of immigration labor and conditions? What was the new middle class and how did it establish a consumption society? What was the Cult of Domesticity and how did middle class women’s roles change? 3.Discuss the North and South sectional divide and consequences:how did the North and South come to be polarized in beliefs over slavery? How did the north turn towardsgradualabolition and why? What was plantation society and how did paternalism play a role in the view of slavery in the south? What were the roles of the plantation mistress, poor white southerners,and slaves? What was the conditions of slavery and how did slaves resist slavery and the conceptof paternalism on a regular basis? What role did the north play in the abolition movement? How did women and freed slaves play a role in promoting total abolition? How did these differences lead to the ultimate conflict between the north and south?What was the women’s rights movement and how was it connected to the abolition movement? 4.Examine the events leading up to the Civil War: what were the major factors that contributed to US territorial expansion in the 1840s? Why did the expansion of slavery become the most divisive political issue? What were the different events that took place inattempt to solve the conflicts between the north and south? Examine Missouri Compromise of 1830, Wilmot Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, popular sovereignty, Kansas-Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas. What were each of these actions and what were they attempting to do? How did the election of Lincoln lead to the secession of southern states and what was South Carolina’s justification of secession? How did all of this lead to the Civil War?

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[SOLVED] An American History
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