[SOLVED] Pathogenic Disease Brochure

This assignment will require you to prepare a single page information brochure/flyer about a pathogenic organism and the disease that it causes. The brochure/flyer should provide important information about your chosen pathogen and disease. The information you provide should be readily understood by any lay population at risk of contracting the disease. Project Objectives: To choose a pathogenic organism from any of the following three groups of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi or viruses Research the disease(s) that is/are caused by the organism. Create a single page informational brochure or flyer that contains the following information about your chosen organism: Common name of the organism Scientific name of the organism Common and scientific name (if exists) for the disease caused by your chosen organism. Characteristics of the pathogen (for example: motile gram-positive cocci). Pathophysiology of the disease (how does the organism create disease in the host. What is the incubation period, symptoms and duration of the illness?) The current treatment (if one exists). The current prevention strategies (for example, vaccines, prophylactic chemotherapeutic agents, epidemiological protocols, etc.). Instructions. Preparation of the Brochure/Flyer: You will prepare a single page (grammatically correct) informational brochure/flyer based on the objectives provided in the section labeled, “Project Objectives.” To help you with your brochure/flyer, you might look for a model brochure or flyer. You should prepare your brochure/flyer in Word, PowerPoint (PC), or Keynote (Mac) software. You will prepare your brochure/flyer information after researching your pathogen and its disease in a peer-reviewed resource(s) that is/are credible and for which you can provide the original reference(s), which cannot be an internet reference, but the original journal or text, for example: New England Journal of Medicine (JAMA), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, etc. You cannot use your textbook as a reference (this will result in an automatic zero on the assignment). Your source reference should follow the CBE reference style. This reference style is readily available by entering “CBE citation style” at any search engine prompt from any web browser. Finally, your assignment is due at midnight on the 27 July. No assignments will be accepted after this day and time. Plagiarism: Remember that you should write all information in your own words and no two students’ assignments should contain more than 10% direct similarity, If the same topic organisms were chosen. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All assignments will be checked for plagiarism and if more that 20% of the brochure/flyer has direct similarity with the reference, then the assignment will receive a grade of zero. Grading: You will receive a grade based on fulfillment of the “project objectives.” Completion of each of the objectives will be worth 1/9 of the of the total points (23 points) for the assignment.

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[SOLVED] Pathogenic Disease Brochure
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