[SOLVED] Sensation & Perception Psychophysics

Your answers to the questions should be 1-2 sentences long. Follow this link: https://oup-arc.com/access/content/sensation-and-perception-5e-student-resources/sensation-and-perception-5e-activity-1-1?previousFilter=tag_chapter-01 Complete the Sensation & Perception 5e Web Activity 1.1 – Psychophysics. 1. Read all of the parts of the activity and run at least 30 trials. Record your correct rejection rate and the hit rates for 3° and 1° misalignments. Include these data points in your response thread. 2. Once you complete at least 30 trials, draw the signal and noise distributions for trials with 3° and 1° misalignment (you should have 2 separate distributions: one with noise and 3° misalignment signal and the other with noise and 1° misalignment signal). Even if you did not get many 1° trials (you can always do more!), you still will have an idea of the differences in the number of hits between 3° and 1° trials. This should inform your decision about the overlap between the signal and the noise distributions, and the criterion position for 3° and 1° trials. 3. Take a high-resolution well-lit picture of your drawing (make sure the drawings fit on one page; are clear and neat) and attach it to your answer. On the drawings, please, indicate the area of HITS, FALSE ALARMS, CORRECT REJECTIONS and MISSES. Use different colors to color those in. Do not forget to include the data points from your trials. 4. Answer, what conclusions you can draw about your ability to discriminate noise from signal, given the differences in the alignment of the lines?

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[SOLVED] Sensation & Perception Psychophysics
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