[SOLVED] Behavior Modification Project

Modification of your own or someone else’s behavior. There are three parts and I can pay more if needed. Project Proposal: (1 pg) 1. Introduce the target behavior you wish to modify 2. Define the target behavior 3. What is the goal you wish to achieve by modifying the target behavior? 4. Provide details on how you intent to measure the target behavior. 5. How do you plan to modify the target behavior? Detail the behavior modification plan that you intend to use. 6. Are you planning to use reinforcements or punishments or both? 7. What schedule do you intent to use? 8. How are you measuring the reinforcement/punishment? 9. What kind of obstacles and ethical issues might you encounter? 10. How will you manage those obstacles? Check: (1 pg) 1. More detailed discussion of proposal -paragraph format 2. Display baseline data of the target behavior that you collected in a well laid-out table Final Project: (5 pg) 1. Description of the behavior you modified. Discuss how you chose the behavior you did. Why was it important to modify? 2.Clearly states goal that you intended to achieve by implementing the Behavior Modification Plan. 3. How you measured the target behavior? 4. Discussion of the baseline data that you gathered in assessing the target behavior BEFORE you started the Behavior Modification Plan. -table of baselines data 5. Discussion of the stimulus conditions as well as reinforcers or punishers for the behavior. 6. Discussion of the Behavior Modification Plan- are you removing/encouraging stimulus conditions, what types, what schedule 7. Discussion of the intervention data that you gathered when you assessed the target behavior AFTER you started the Behavior Modification Plan. -table of intervention data -results -success? -obstacles 8. conclusions

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[SOLVED] Behavior Modification Project
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