[SOLVED] Discussions on Various Psychological Aspects

Your discussion should illustrate your understanding of the text and research.  Write in your own words, citing the source of your information in APA format.Your response to each question should be approx. 1- 1½ pages per question.Assignment should be 7-8 pages total plus a title and reference page.?Compare Thomas Hobbes and George Berkeley’s perspective on free will. Whose perspective better reflects how modern psychologists think about free will?What was Hugo Munsterberg’s criticism of Sigmund Freud? What did Munsterberg think was the right way to think about the mind?How did J.P. Guilford apply Titchener’s approach to studying consciousness to personality and intelligence?According to William James, what are instincts and how are they related to habits?Discuss how Skinner’s operant conditioning theories were both revered and reviled.Describe in detail Kurt Lewin’s three-step model of change and the primary goal of this action research technique in group dynamics.

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[SOLVED] Discussions on Various Psychological Aspects
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