[SOLVED] Jim Crow and Anti-Semitism

VIDEO: “Reconstruction: American After the Civil War,  (Links to an external site.) ” Hour Four WEBSITE: “The Nuremburg Race Laws,  (Links to an external site.) ” The Holocaust Encyclopedia, US Holocaust Museum African Americans faced a period after Reconstruction and through the Civil Rights Movement where many of their rights as citizens were not protected by law; their loss of rights bore a strong resemblance to the loss of rights that Jewish citizens experienced in Nazi Germany. You will compare the loss of rights experienced by African Americans and German Jews.  Your assignment is to write an essay comparing disfranchisement,  (Links to an external site.) segregation and violence of the Jim Crow era  (Links to an external site.)  in America with the anti-semitism and pogroms  (Links to an external site.)  that Jewish citizens of Germany faced prior to the Holocaust  (Links to an external site.) . You will also explore the main ideas in the documentary and in the web page and answer the following questions: In what ways was the loss of citizenship rights for these groups similar? How did they differ for each group? How was the law used to deprive both African Americans and German Jews of their citizenship rights? How did the Nazi government in Germany and Jim Crow-era Southern governments use the prejudices of their society to encourage them to support discrimination and violence? How did ordinary people participate in pogroms and lynchings? You will explore historical thinking as you watch the PBS documentary on the Jim Crow era after Reconstruction  (Links to an external site.)  and read the web site on the Nuremburg laws  (Links to an external site.) . Pay attention to the five aspects of historical thinking as they are shown in the documentary: (1) Multiple Accounts and Perspectives; (2) Analysis of Primary Sources; (3) Sourcing; (4) Context; and (5) Claim-Evidence Connection. Use the evidence presented in the documentary and on the website to support your claims in your essay. The assignment has five goals: you will (1) develop basic research citation skills; (2) identify primary sources; (3) analyze historical documentary for information; (4) synthesize information from primary and secondary sources to inform historical writing; and (5) communicate ideas in writing using clear prose that incorporates correct grammar and spelling. Your essay will be graded on how well you (1) answer the questions posed; (2) develop a clear thesis statement and support it with evidence; (3) use good English grammar and spelling to develop clear writing ; (4) use proper citation; and (5) use historical thinking in your essay. You must also cite your sources using Chicago Manual of Style Author/Date style  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site..  You can only use the documentary, website and textbook as your sources. Topic: Jim Crow and Anti-Semitism in the 20th Century Details: Watch the Reconstruction  (Links to an external site.)  documentary and read the website on Nuremberg Race Laws  (Links to an external site.) . Write a detailed essay discussing and answering the above questions.  You must use standard essay format (minimum of introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement, at least three supporting paragraphs, and a strong concluding paragraph). Plagiarism Tutorial: This must have been completed BEFORE you turn in the essay.  You must have sent the results to my email address. This counts 100 points towards your writing grade. By completing, you agree to the statement at the end. Due date: Friday, JULY 31, 2020 at 11:59 AM (not PM). You will upload the essay on Canvas by 11:59 AM on Friday, JULY 31. You will receive a 10 POINT PENALTY if you send it by email. Length: 750-1000 words (3-4 pages) double spaced, including cover page and bibliography page Format: Times New Roman, 12 point, one inch margins, double spaced, cover page with bibliography page Citations: Chicago Manual of Style with author-date in-text citation style  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. , including a properly formatted bibliography page. Sources: The documentary, web site and your textbook ONLY.

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[SOLVED] Jim Crow and Anti-Semitism
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