[SOLVED] Native American Studies

You will research a Native American community’s culture, oral tradition, religious texts, historical background, and current beliefs and practices. The Native American community chose is Cherokee tribe. In a 10-15 powerpoint slide presentation with slide notes (not including title slide), address the following elements: 1. Name of the Native American community chosen and the historical religious beliefs and practices of that group. 2. How historical beliefs and religious practices have been influenced (positively or negatively) by the dominant surrounding culture. Include specific examples. 3. Current religious beliefs and practices and the part they play in the daily life of a typical member of the community. 4. Elements of the traditional religion that a Christian would need to consider when sharing the Christian faith/gospel with a person from this community. 5. Evaluation of the impact American or European policy has had on Native American beliefs and practices. 6. How current and future governmental policies could impact personal beliefs and practices of that community in the future. Include reference slide, and slide notes that provide detailed explanation of slide information. I would like for each slide to be about 80 words long, not including reference slide. Pictures are not needed or any sort of design, only the research text of the above 6 questions is what is needed.

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[SOLVED] Native American Studies
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