[SOLVED] Shifting Genres

For this assignment, you will practice shifting genres. select one paragraph from a campaign speech and revise it into a tweet, a diary entry, and a business memo. As you complete this genre shift, you will need to make decisions about what information to keep and/or delete, how to best address the audience of the revised genre, the most appropriate word choice and tone, and how to take advantage of the digital or non-digital nature of the genre. Your assignment should respond to the following: 1- What is the campaign speech you’ve selected for this assignment? Here, provide the speaker’s name, the title of the speech, where the speech was delivered, and a link to the speech. 2- Select one paragraph from the speech and copy/paste it here. 3- Revise this paragraph into a tweet. 4- Revise this paragraph into a diary entry. 5- Revise this paragraph into a business memo. 6- Look back over the genre shift you’ve just completed. How did the style change to match each genre and audience? In what specific ways did you adjust word choice and/or tone when moving between genres? How did you decide what information to keep or delete within each genre?

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[SOLVED] Shifting Genres
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