[SOLVED] Substance Use Disorder

Conduct a library research for a first-person account of someone with a substance use disorder, OR select an entertaining movie that depicts someone with a substance use disorder. Do NOT use your textbook for the case/story/first-person account. Complete an APA style paper identifying the following: 1. Identify the source you are using (website, article, book, movie) and write the following about that account. (10 Points) a) The name of the person and their drug of choice. b) Your personal reaction. c) What you learned that would help you if you were counseling or educating someone with a substance-related disorder. 2. Record a Mental Status Exam on the person in your case, following the format on pages 72- 73 of Essentials of Abnormal Psychology, 8th ed. (15 Points) 3. Record the DSM-V criteria on the person in your case using your text or other DSM-V professional resources (web or print); Cite your source, using APA style. (20 Points) 4. Attend two (2) open AA/NA/Alateen/AlAnon/Co-dependency etc meetings. a) In a paragraph, identify the location, date, and length of the meetings you attended. (10 Points) b) State who/how you approached arranging attendance at those meetings. c) Keep these things in mind before you attend the meetings: introduce yourself, first name only; identify your status as a student taking a course, pursuing (your) degree; prepare to thank the group for allowing students to attend (in person or written); consider how you will dress. 5. Then, write a paragraph describing how you accomplished all of these issues; and your thoughts and feelings about them. Identify one thing that you wished you had prepared for or thought to ask etc. prior to the meetings. State your feelings about how you thought you were received at the meeting. (20 Points) 6. Identify 3 defense mechanisms that you thought you saw being used by the group members. State the textbook definition of those defense mechanisms and how you came to the conclusion that they were being used. (15 Points) 7. Reference List, APA style. (10 Points)

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[SOLVED] Substance Use Disorder
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