[SOLVED] Airline Booking System

Read the case study carefully before answering the below three questions. Case Study: The marketing manager of an airline company is looking at travel habits of business travelers. She noticed that business travelers tend to book just few days before flying, unlike economy who book far in advance. In fact, some business travelers may book as late as few minutes before flying. She wants a decision support system based on past bookings that can predict how many business class bookings are likely to happen as these are hard to guess. The idea here is that any leftover bookings could be sold cheaper on the day as ‘upgrades’ for economy customers. This could increase the profits of each flight by 20%. This kind of system is a unique system with an innovative idea that can’t be found in the market. Moreover, the implementation of such system will give the airline company a major advantage against many of its competitors. The marketing manager does not want to share this information with any other business, so she suggests that the system be built by the airline’s information technology department even if they need to employ few more IT people to help them to finish the work on time. She tells the board meeting “We do not have too much time; we need to install this system before summer season starts in five months’ time.”Consider the above case while answering the following questions:1) What type of sourcing would you recommend the company to adopt? Why would you recommend this type? (30 points)2) What kind of system development method/ approach would you recommend the company to follow? Why would you recommend this method/ approach? (30 points)3) List four advantages and four disadvantages of sourcing information system as recommended in question 1? (40 points)

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[SOLVED] Airline Booking System
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