[SOLVED] American History Exam Questions

1) In one paragraph, explain the themes of culture, economy and politics in Native American societies before the arrival of Columbus, please include examples from California Indians in your answer. 2) In one paragraph, explain the development of New Spain from 1521 to 1821. What specifically, prompted the Spanish to build missions in California. Also, in your answer consider Spain’s downfall in the Americas. 3) In one paragraph, explain why a vast majority of Europeans immigrated to the Chesapeake region, and briefly explain why they came as indentured servants. 4) In one paragraph, why had slave labor largely displaced indentured servants by 1700 in the Chesapeake region? 5) In one paragraph, explain the differences between the Puritans and Quakers, and explain why the witch trials occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, instead of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? 6) In one paragraph, explain how the invention of the Cotton Gin exacerbated the condition of slavery in the south? 7) In one paragraph, explain how did Jefferson’s view of the political economy differ from Hamilton? (Hint: In the first sentence it might be a good idea to define Political Economy.) 8) In one paragraph, explain how the Market Revolution, including improvements like the Erie Canal, reshaped the landscape and lives of Americans in the North? 9) In one paragraph, explain why the Americans sought help from the French during the American Revolution, and how did the Americans finally convince the French to join the cause for American Independence? 10) In one paragraph, during the U.S. Constitution’s ratification, explain how states determined who would be allowed to vote? 11) In one paragraph, explain some of the key events that led up to the Civil War. Include social and political trends and events that led to Civil War 12) In one paragraph, explain the importance of the Reconstruction Amendments, what are they and who are they set out to protect? Option II is three questions, which two questions will appear on the final exam and students will write on one. 40 points. Students will select one question below and will write four paragraphs on the one they select. A friendly reminder, a paragraph has a least five sentences.   1) Explain the role of Native Americans on both coasts. Be Specific with tribe names and people. You may begin your answer in 1493, but due to time, you may want to begin around 1620 on both American coasts. Your essay must include events and people from the early 1600s to the middle of the 1800s. What did the Spanish do that was different form other colonizers? Describe the different alliances between Native Americans with the French, British, and Colonists/ Americans. How were those alliances different, how were they similar, and how did those alliances impact Native American culture? 2) In what ways does the early history of our country reflect a richness of cultures, values and lifestyles? Give examples of how Americans have respected diversity and not respected diversity. How has diversity shaped our nation? 3) Describe the role of women in various time periods. What major changes do you see? What events or changes in society had the most impact on women? (Hint: to earn a least a B on this question, students should read “The Intimately Oppressed” in Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. To earn an A, students will combine Zinn’s work  with periods and events in American history.)

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[SOLVED] American History Exam Questions
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