[SOLVED] Disease and the Environment

As you have figured out by now this class is going to be even more dynamic than usual. It goes without saying that any sudden and extreme change will have an impact. Start collecting data on the cause and effect of the various epidemics and pandemic over the course of the last 100 years. Currently, what brings this to mind is the reported extent of haphazardly discarded single-use mask, Clorox wipes, and gloves. For example, if any of you have gone to the local supermarkets lately look around in the parking lot. People discard their bodily trash out in the parking lots and shopping carts. This doesn’t just create a trash issue, but a biohazard one as well. And to think people spun out of control over plastic straws. Other things to take into consideration would include our sewage treatment and plumbing systems. Flushing paper products that aren’t supposed to be flushed cause plumbing problems. So as you can see there is quite a diverse range in which this project can be taken. Be as inclusive as you can and take into note different impacts over history relative to the technology and lifestyles of the time.  Prepare and present data using text, tables, and graphs. This is a report. As I have indicated, I will reiterate human disease, transmission, and treatment can and does result in a huge diversity of environmental impact. It is your task to explore this to the fullest. 

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[SOLVED] Disease and the Environment
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