[SOLVED] Graffiti and Street Art Analysis

Research: Using the internet and the information from the Graffiti and Street Art Page as resources, find a piece of graffiti to analyze using the PCTHEDC method. Be sure to respond to every aspect of PCTHEDC and give the piece you found considerable thought.    Respond: Respond to the graffiti you’ve found by using the PCTHEDC analysis. Use the following prompts to help you use the PCTHEDC method. Make sure to site the artist of the piece you find as well as the.  PERSONAL: State your personal perspective regarding the graffiti visual, but don’t let it get in the way of your ability to see the larger whole. CULTURAL: Determine the cultural perspective of the graffiti piece. What does this visual say about our current cultural values? TECHNICAL: What are the mechanics of creating the visual message? What are the constraints, limitations and positive aspects of various media? HISTORICAL: What is the historical perspective of the graffiti visual? ETHICAL: What are the legal issues with this graffiti visual? DEISGN: What elements of design do you see incorporated into the graffiti piece? What principles of art do you see? What colors do you see? CRITICAL: Draw a critical analysis about the graffiti piece. Make more general comments about our human nature as it relates to the graffiti piece. Ask yourself, “What do I think about this graffiti visual now that I’ve spent so much time looking at it and studying it?”

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[SOLVED] Graffiti and Street Art Analysis
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