[SOLVED] Mental Health Issues

The topic of this white paper is the mental health issues (depression and anxiety) that college students have to face. ??All you have to do is extend the paper, that I have provided, by one page. Follow the theme of the paper and try to provide one more solution and expand upon that. Use as many sources as you need or you can reuse the ones provided. Again you only need to extend the paper by one page.  A white paper is a writing format that attempts to solve a problem or address an underlying issue. This is a professional communication medium. This means that your audience and your goals are strictly professional. You are not writing simply for the pursuit of knowledge, but the pursuit of results. If your purpose in writing is merely to inform the general public about an issue, then you are not writing a white paper. Keep in mind, that your white paper is not going to propose a perfect solution that fixes everything. Be realistic about what this white paper can solve.?? Below are the (3) specific things needed for this paper ?? 1. Proposes a useful, actionable solution that addresses the stated problem or issue. Make sure your solution is something that can be carried out; this may mean including steps, objectives, recommendations for how to implement the solution, etc.?? 2. White papers require a bit more style than case studies. You need to make the issue seem important, so that your proposal seems necessary.?? 3. Paper includes and expounds on a potential problems or issues, proposes a useful solution

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[SOLVED] Mental Health Issues
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