[SOLVED] Personification Discussion

Personification is used in poetry to make nonhuman things sound like human beings. So far we have read quite a few poems that contain personification and make inanimate, or non-human beings, come to life. From the following poems:   “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” “The Weary Blues” “Out, Out–”  “Chicago” “Mirror” “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”   Choose one personified item, or creature, and describe what kind of person he/she would be in the real world. How do you know? Use quotes to support assertions.   To take this topic even deeper, how does the character’s traits/motivations/ desires add to the poem? More importantly, use your knowledge of this character, the personification, and poetry to go even deeper in your discussion and discover the meaning of the poem and why personification was necessary to get that true meaning or theme.   Also, remember to explain why it would be important to know this information, and what a reader could take away from the connections you made to your chosen poem/character.   Requirements: ·       Your essay should have an original and intriguing title. Untitled essays will not be read. ·       Because you will be quoting from the text, please use proper MLA format to cite in text.

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[SOLVED] Personification Discussion
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