[SOLVED] Theoretical Concepts on Development

Purpose (Zambia is the country)  The purpose of your first two response papers is to learn how to apply a theoretical concept on development to a specific country and to evaluate whether the theory is helpful when analyzing the political, economic and social development status of this country. Instructions Critically analyze the social development in a country in the Global South applying the theoretical concept of social exclusion. Contrary to the theory you used for your first response paper social exclusion is a micro-level theory, meaning it concerns the situation of individuals within a country and why they might struggle with overcoming poverty. Your response paper should be max. 1500 words in total excluding the reference section (5-6 pages double-spaced with 1-inch margins) and be submitted as a Word or PDF document via Canvas by the end of week 6 (Sunday, 11:59pm PST). The assignment is worth 13 points. Your response paper should contain the following elements: Description (what, when, who, where) Present your country’s current social development status, focusing on the following questions: Are there specific groups in the population who are marginalized? If yes, does their marginalization occur as the result of being a member of a certain group, e.g. based on gender, ethnicity, class, etc.? How does their marginalization express itself? Do they face difficulties accessing certain parts of society, e.g. (higher) education? Analysis & Evaluation (why, how, so what?): Apply the concept of social exclusion : Thinking about what you have learned about social exclusion and your country’s social development situation, choose a group in the population, who has been marginalized or has suffered from discrimination and evaluate whether the concept of social exclusion is helpful in explaining why this group has faced additional challenges. First, describe the concept of social exclusion (what does the concept aim to explain?) and then assess whether it’s helpful. Make sure to answer the following questions: Does thinking about your country through this theoretical lens help you to better understand the social situation of marginalized groups? If yes, why? If not, why not? Write a short conclusion: What have you learned by writing this paper?

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[SOLVED] Theoretical Concepts on Development
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