[SOLVED] E-Commerce Startup Proposal

This is an e-commerce class assignment. Use the instructions below to create a proposal for the fictional e-commerce startup business:  “MyPark” – a mobile app that allows drivers to find available parking spaces and book them.  please follow the below instructions for the proposal Part 1: Review section 4.5 (starting on pg 292) of the textbook and discuss the various e-commerce payment systems (online credit card, alternative payment systems, mobile payment systems, social/mobile payment systems, digital cash/virtual currencies) in relation to your e-commerce proposal. Select two options that you feel best suits your startup and justify those choices. Part 2: Refer to Table 6.3 (pg 388) of the textbook and discuss the various types of marketing with respect to your e-commerce proposal. Select two main elements other than a Web site that will make up your marketing roadmap and describe a uniform strategy for implementing them (in conjunction with your Web site). Part 3: Review Table 8.6, Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practice Principles located on page 557 of the textbook. Write a 1-2 paragraph statement for each principle describing how you will address it with regard to your proposed startup Collate the above sections into a single, cohesive proposal, each section should be between 1-2 pages, with the entire document between 4-5 pages   Organize your proposal in the following sections: Introduction – Brief overview of the startup and the proposal. Individual sections – Payment Systems, Marketing Strategies, Fair Information Practice Principles. Conclusion – Summarize the relevant conclusions of the proposal. Resources – List the sources researched for this proposal. Ensure that the resources are also properly cited in the body of the work. Link to textbook: https://marketingwinner.cl/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/E-commerce_2016-_Business_Technology_Society_12-E_Global_Edition.pdf

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[SOLVED] E-Commerce Startup Proposal
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